Johnathan Williams: The Debut Exhibition

For the last 5 years Johnathan Williams has risen to become one of the U.K’s most sought after photographers, documented the culture’s most important faces.His debut exhibition is now open to the public!

It’s 2024, why are feuding men still resorting to accusing each other of being gay?

Whatever the dispute, adult men in the public eye continuously opt to weaponise sexuality to point score over their adversaries. It's embarrassing. 

Hotel Zamara

Come party this bank holiday at London's hottest party for Black cultural expression

London vs. the Culture War

With monumental challenges facing the capital city, why are the mayoral candidates mainly basing their campaigns on nonsense?

Q&A with Ego Death

Check out our sit down with one of the U.K.'s most innovative DIY designers


A fashion editorial exploring derealisation from the perspective of the West African diaspora

Eastpak Built to Resist

The brand's latest campaign interpolates cosplay, challenging buyers to resist the temptation to conform and explore their playful side

Umbro 100: Sportswear x Fashion

The heritage brand celebrate their centenary by showcasing their role in forging football’s love affair with fashion collabs. 

Q&A with Aniefiok Ekpoudom

Storyteller Aniefiok Ekpoudom speaks to Sludge Mag about Where We Come From. The critically acclaimed sold out book documenting the origins and ascent of grime and U.K. rap 

10 years of the KEEN UNEEK

Keen celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their breathable sustainably made sneaker the UNEEK

The wonderful world of Skepta and what we can learn from it 

Tribal Mark, Mas Tiempo, Mains, Boy Better Know, Mama Goes To Market. What can we learn from the journey of the man behind it all?

Shared Struggle and the need for solidarity

The Palestinian struggle is the struggle of every colonised person and a threat to justice

SEE MY WORLD: Manchester, Lagos & Me

Check out this new short-film exploring cultural and political conditions for artists in Lagos and Manchester.

Love and Starfish Art presents Zah Zah & Friends

The government are trying to make it impossible for the young artistic community to thrive. This past weekend at Zah Zah & Friends, the youth of Derby said fuck that.

International Women's Day: Amy Drucquer

The This Fan Girl founder and Vicky Park Queens gaffer speaks to us about her role in the explosion of women's football

International Women's Day: Amy Drucquer (Watch)

Watch the BTS of our feature interview with the This Fan Girl founder and Vicky Park Queens gaffer

From Power to Passivity: the changing role of trends in the modern era

The last century has seen an evolution from fashion trends displaying ideological allegiances, to a consumable contextless aesthetic. Mia Separovic explores why

The death of the online publication will cease publishing and lay off several hundred staff. It follows a trend of struggling online publications with the closure of Gal-Dem, BuzzFeed News and more...

CommonGround& presents Women Who Dare

The follow up to last year's blockbuster Pioneers-A Renaissance in South Asian Creativity remembers the legacy of Queen Zeenat Mahal

Charlotte Mei presents Like A Melody: Myths, Memories and Fantasy

The British Chinese artist's new exhibition is an invitation to delve into fantasy.

Sludge Mag presents Next Up
Speak to fashion industry experts and figure out your next steps to conquer your field.
Camcore Celebrate AFCON 2024 with a range of looks incorporating some of the most stylish football shirts the continent has ever produced, courtesy of Cameroon.
Q&A with Richmond Orlando Mensah
The Manju Journal founder showcases Ghana's globe shaping creative scene in new book VOICES
Athletes Against Apartheid
Para-cycling team Gaza Sunbirds are calling on the sporting world to lend their voices to the plight of Palestinians.
Gucci Cosmos
Gucci welcomed Sludge Mag into their world where Polina Zakharova's vision shines through
NOW Gallery presents A Young South Africa
The latest in the gallery's Human Stories exhibition shines a light on the image makers framing their complex and culturally rich nation.
Q&A with Hunt's Emporia
Meet the man behind one of Depop's largest and longest serving stores Hunt's Emporia
Awujo in pictures
Our collaborative event Awujo with The Yard Club in pictures.
Sludge Mag presents The Midlands Cup
We brought together creative hubs from across the midlands ahead of the Women's World Cup for our first ever tournament
WIJNRUIT presents Cyrene Blue
Jewel Kaye draws on childhood memories for WIJNRUIT's second collection

Q&A with Jo Cope

In a career spanning 20 years, Jo Cope's exploration of feet gives a new perspective on the human experience and challenges us all to do some sole searching.

Nadia Girach presents "One of my kind"

The Burberry Culture and Heritage award winner presents One Of My Kind. Exploring the intersection between Islam and Western fashion

Staying Silent

Staying Silent is the arresting short film by Luke Maund based on the true story of Jeremy Indika’s real life story of childhood sexual abuse.

Words Matter

How a small migrants’ rights charity is using their lived experience to tackle division

Q&A with Fashion Roadman
Meet the fashion journalist published in Vogue, GQ, BoF & maker of the recent documentary ‘Turkish fashion: Talent amidst the chaos’
Somerset House presents Black Venus
An exhibition examining the historical representation and shifting legacy of Black women in visual culture.
Q&A with Jewel Kaye
After years of contributing to Sludge Mag's growth Jewel Kaye joins the platform as creative director
Q&A with Nick Preston
From My Mad Fat Diary to Grime Kids, this actor with an unconventional start is forging his own path.
Big Deck Energy
Find out what it takes to package your idea, secure sponsors, and build compelling campaigns with our first ever event!
International Women's Day | Vanessa Maria
Vanessa takes the ‘DJ’ title and completely flips it on its head.
Q&A with Lirian Santos
Lirian Santos is lighting up the football freestyle scene and reminding us why we love the beautiful game 🇧🇷

International Women's Day | Ayesha Brown

The founder and creative director of football rework streetwear brand Offside Outlet's star continues to rise. 

Q&A with Joy Julius

Adire Ogun is a masterful interpolation of Yoruba fashion and military history in response to the Lekki Toll Gate massacre

To My Love For Your Love

Loue Marc follows up from his stellar debut EP 'DONTKILLYOURSELF', with the much anticipated introspective follow up 'To My Love For My Love'.

Q&A with Nergiz De Baere

We chat to Chicks for Climate and hemp underwear label 'Magi' founder Nergiz De Baere about her new book 365 Ways To Save The Planet

How the cost of living crisis is taxing aspiration
Youth worker Nathan Tuft investigates the impact the cost of living crisis is having on young people's aspirations
Introducing £Monzo
Our latest editorial sees artist £Monzo channelling Foxy Brown and celebrating Black women's reclamation of style and sexuality through fashion.
R.I.P Vivienne Westwood
We speak to rapper Loue Marc and artist Jewel Kaye following the Queen's passing.
Q&A with Syahi
Multi-disciplinary visual artist Syahi's oil paintings bridge the gap between the real world and something altogether more spiritual
Q&A with Louis Bever
Louis Bever shares his romantic portraiture series in ode to classic Arsenal kits. We sat down with him to discuss his career so far.
Q&A with PNGA
Get to know the midlands based DJ collective PNGA. Here to champion the Punjabi underground sound and disrupt the U.K. music scene!
I said what I said
Today marks the largest unionised strike of nurses in British history, we did the un-thinkable for a mainstream media outlet...and asked a nurse their opinion

Eco-anxiety, and the privilege of potential climate threats

We shouldn’t be anxious, we should be angry.

The conservative government is breeding addiction

Tory MPs are quick to tarnish addicts and drug users, with no consideration for why their own policies might push people towards the escapism drugs can afford.

Excusing Ezra?

What Ezra Miller’s case says about the problematics of using mental health to frame abuse as “wild behaviour

Scouse not English

 Why I refused to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and why the Tories will never be welcome in the ‘Scouse Republic”

The 2000s frazzled English woman aesthetic
After cottagecore, gorpcore and just about any core you can think of, check out TikToks latest trend...frazzled English woman
Milan Fashion Week SS23 street snaps
Jacob Valdez captures the best outfits adorning the Milanese streets for Sludge Mag's first trip to Italy for MFW SS23
Sludge Mag remembers Luke Forte
A talented multi-disciplinary artist who's talent was only eclipsed by his effervescent personality and kind heart.
What Is Next For Us?
Nubia Assata's follows up to her authorial debut Silent Screams with new book What Is Next For Us? Delivering radical Black thought for the Gen-Z audience
Not just brown, not just Indian
'NOT JUST BROWN, NOT JUST INDIAN', is a series of photoshoots by Mathushaa Sagthidas showcasing the multiplicity of South Asian women and culture
Celebrating women's football's current classic era
Sludge Mag x AOF release exclusive shirt celebrating Women's Football
Julian Assange's extradition is an attack on press freedoms
Whilst being held in Belmarsh prison, British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the US on espionage charges
Jewel Kaye presents debut capsule collection Wijnruit
Jewel Kaye presents his debut collection Wijnruit, an ongoing exploration of archetypes found in historical subcultures and history.
Q&A with Kwajo Housing
We chat to Kwajo Tweneboa. The 23 year old South Londoner taking his crusade to repair the broken social housing system nationwide.
childsdraw summer capsule collection
childsdraw delivers a stunning summer collection. Fusing the work of James Barnor's Ever Young Studio in 1950's Ghana with the aesthetic of the Black Panthers

Q&A with Loue Marc

We talk to one of this generation’s largely distinct talents, Loue Marc. Identifying the heritage of his looming debut EP, ‘DONTKILLYOURSELF’

London Fashion Week AW22 street snaps 

Jacob Valdez catches the best street style from London Fashion Week

#IWD Q&A with Siobhan Fennell

This International Women's Day, we're proud to profile the activist at the helm of Accessible Belper. 

Watch: Q&A with Foxdale 1651

Meet the self taught designer designing for Jacquees, Big Sean, Ghetts and many more. All from a secluded Birmingham studio.

#IWD Q&A with Nadia Whittome
To mark International Women’s Day this year, we headed to Nottingham to chat to the UK’s youngest MP, Nottingham East’s Nadia Whittome.
Q&A with Jordan Stephens
We chat to one of our generations most interesting communicators Jordan Stephens about the release of his debut solo album Let Me Die Inside You
Watch: Q&A with Sesse Elangwe
Our new video interview features Texas based Cameroonian artist Sesse Elangwe. We talk to him ahead of his new exhibition DAWN.
Q&A with Karam Singh
Derby's crown jewel and the UK's first b-boy to become a Nike athlete, talks Olympic hopes and inspiration.

Poverty, violence and Black music

How political shifts to the right shaped urban Black music in the U.S., Britain and Jamaica

#SaveDerbyCounty How corporate greed ruined English football

We spoke to Derby fans ahead of their game against Birmingham City to hear their thoughts on the looming threat of Derby County ceasing to exist.

Q&A with Shah

London based artist Shah returns with a genre-bending EP titled ‘As Above So Below’.

Discriminatory, Unlawful and Unjust

The Nationality Bill and a Decadent Britain. We spoke to a Black British source, (false name provided) who’s experienced this prejudice first hand.

Britain’s Obsession with Drinking Culture
We explore the link between the disappearance of public spaces and Britain's dependency on alcohol.
Q&A with Luke Forte
Meet the model turned photographer expressing himself on the other side of the lens.
Boris Johnson Two Years In
Two years (and countless scandals) into the premiership of Boris Johnson, our latest film feature by Martyn Ewoma reflects on his reign so far.
Q&A with Mia Mazzocchi and Zara Julal-Rowe
Two students who challenged their school to diversify their curriculum with fantastic results.

Alternative to Stories Tinged by White Privilege

Solomon PM explores the relationship between Black Westerners gravitation towards anime and the Eastern political sensibilities that inform the art form.

Had To Wear The Dress 'Cause I Had a Stick

After the hugely successful release of Young Thug's So Much Fun one lyric has captured the imagination of listeners. We explore the history of androgyny in rap.

TAI -Shades

Tai links up GRAY417c studios & photographer Džiuginta Mažulytè for Shades. Funds raised through purchasing the track will be donated to The Black Curriculum.

Q&A with Vincenzo Borrelli

Revisit our chat with fashion polymath and egg cult leader Enzo Borrelli.

Q&A with Jim Legxacy
We chat to Jim Legxacy surrounding the announcement of his latest project ‘Citadel’, which is set to be released on 3rd December.
Girls Night In: The Boycott Symbolic of Our Exhaustion
Young women are preparing to boycott nightclubs in protest of their lack of protection for women amidst a worrying trend of spiking by injection.
Q&A with Rasha Khoyi
From 🇮🇷 to the🇺🇸, to the 🇬🇧 to Alexander McQueen to her own brand RKApparel, Rasha Khoyi's life so far reads like a movie. Read from our sit down with her.
Q&A with Ayesha Brown
We chat to the one woman creative force behind Offside Outlet also casually balancing being one of adidas' digital publishing managers. All in a day's work.
KKK 🤝U.S. police 🤝Colonialism🤝U.K. police
The origins of anti-black racism: the way a necessity for cheap labour under capitalism set the beginnings of Britain and Europe's love affair with racism.
Q&A with Jake Zeeman
With YouTube videos amassing millions of views Jake Zeeman is the filmmaker set to keep you entertained throughout lockdown.

The story of the U.S. and U.K. in Afghanistan

After 20 years in Afghanistan, $2 trillion spent and countless lives destroyed what have the U.S. and the U.K. gained? A shit tonne of money actually. 

Q&A with Manuela Karin Knaut

Independent gallery Grove Collective present Manuela Karin Knaut's exhibition Intuitive Energy which you can attend virtually through the power of VR.

Q&A with 1NE Derby

1NE Derby are taking all of the hassle out of the resell market. Championing community, collaboration and sustainability - this boutique store is the one stop shop for streetwear fanatics across the U.K.

Who’s to blame for the Climate Crisis?

The U.K. is dumping tonnes of plastic abroad, floods are ravaging Belgium, England and Germany. Siberia and the actual Ocean are on fire. But are we to blame? 

(M.I.C) is back from a brief hiatus, this time backed by the eclectic production palette of Nammy Wams and features from Jawnino and grime legend JME .
How colonial lies shaped African sexuality
We uncover the scale of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people in sub-Saharan Africa. Showcasing the need for pride as a worldwide protest to remain.
Berny Ferr honours Pride Month with LGBTQIA+ inspired looks
One of our favourite make-up artists and contestant on the first series of BBC 3's Glow Up, Berny Ferr, showcases a range of looks in honour of Pride Month.
Q&A with iYANDA
We chat to the Kardashian endorsed, award-winning TV personality, MC and speaker Ayanda Thabethe who's cyber alter-ego iYANDA is 🇿🇦's newest Virtual influencer.
The Threat of Fascism is Here
Hani Thapa explores the parallels between the current Conservative government and widely understood conceptions of fascism.
Q&A with Jess Dalton
With an impressive creative portfolio including Palace Skateboards, Kickers, and Dr Martens, delve into this footwear designer's valuable experience.

Why is Britain in denial of institutional racism?

When issues such as institutional racism are brought to light, even with supporting cases, many Britons choose to deny and resist its existence. Connie Yates explores why

Q&A with Twentyhood Mag

We sit down with founder Stephanie Kleanthous to chat all things Twentyhood Mag. The magazine which is dedicated to giving a voice to creatives in their twenties is celebrating it's first print issue!

Q&A with Thérèse

Multi-faceted rising French-Asian activist and artist releases her debut 6 track EP featuring the powerful new track CHINOISE? using 6 languages to break common stereotypes around Asians.

Q&A with Second Outing

Second Outing is a new peer-to-peer rental platform that connects users looking to rent and lend pre-loved designer menswear through an online community. With no subscription fee, unlimited rentals and an endless expanding pool of clothes to choose from Second Outing appears to be the antidote to fast fashion wastage. We sat down with one of the founders to see how it all works.

Offside Outlet LEGENDS collection
After co-designing the shirt of the summer Ayesha Brown's brand Offside Outlet release their inaugural LEGENDS capsule.
Q&A with Rockwell Princely
Fresh from a 9-minute sell-out of his latest subsolar trainer design, we got hold of Rockwell Princely, head designer at notwoways.
Q&A with railontour
Missed flexing your fits during lockdown? That certainly didn't stop Esther who's quite literally taken her rail on tour to showcase her stye during Covid.
Q&A with Cero Ismael
Cero Ismael is ready to open up. His debut release Blue Man is a creative masterpiece from a young man slowly learning to show the world who he is.
It may not be all men, but it is all women
Annabel Martin reflects on the tragic loss of Sarah Everard and what she represents to women the world over with a critical look at the "not all men" brigade.
Reality TV Stars: The women we love to hate
We love to hate the women of reality TV. Based on the hit show MAFS 🇦🇺, we examine the consequences of hating the women who bring us light-hearted entertainment.

Emotional abuse criminalised in Scotland under the 2018 Domestic Abuse Act, despite no specific training

Aided by celebrity testimony, the public has been made aware of the toll of emotional abuse. Scotland has taken action criminalising emotional abuse, but implementation is lacking.

'Framing Britney Spears': How The Media Has Framed Women In Music

Following the release of Framing Britney Spears, Lydia Patrick explores tabloid press and mainstream media's tendency to dehumanise women in the music industry 

Digga D - Against All Odds

We chronicle the storied rise of Rhys Herbert known to everyone as UK drill pioneer Digga D surrounding the release of debut mixtape Made In The Pyrex

Q&A with DJ Spen

With a career spanning across 4 decades Baltimore house legend and Quantize Recordings label boss Sean Spencer (DJ Spen to partygoers worldwide) has overseen several eras of music. Now he's back with his new album Soulful Storm

The government’s commitment to surpressing the past
The Tories want status of slavers to be protected to "protect British history". But British history has been sanitised by governments for decades.
My life is currently worth about the price of a reusable bag
An anonymous supermarket worker shares her thoughts on the government and public's behaviour during the pandemic.
The political pandemic that plagues our democracy
We explore how the Monarchy handled the COVID-19 pandemic
Q&A with Kiran Samra
Kiran Samra gives us her insight into what it means to be a painter in the 21st century. Her beautiful oil paintings have seen granted a residency in 🇨🇭.
Q&A with Ayo Adepoju
We interview We Plug Good Music's founder surrounding the 10 year anniversary and remastering of the inaugural A Prelude To The Future mixtape.
Q&A with Fiona Whitney
Amassing thousands of views, recognition from Dappy, Chip and self producing via her iPad. Her debut single references her battle with Tricrichotillomania.

Students - Customers when it's convenient

The toll of Coronavirus on university students and how they are selectively treated as customers of the private sector. With insight from an anonymous nursing student who speaks on how being deployed to a Covid ward has altered her educational experience. 

Influencers - A global pandemic through rose tinted filters

Hannah Kitty Brownbill explores how luxury getaways and designer goods has made the lockdown harder. With insight from students and NHS workers.   

Why right-wing populist male leaders are botching Covid

Worldwide the countries struggling most to contain Covid are ones led by right-wing, populist, male leaders. We explore why.

Q&A with KATIE

Following the release of 2019's hugely successful LOG, KATIE is back with new project Our Time Is Blue and we were fortunate enough to discuss it with her.

Navigating Covid with neurological differences
Freddie Jones' explores and draws from experience, the difficulties of navigating the pandemic with neurological differences.
Q&A with DJ Spen
With a career spanning across 4 decades Baltimore house legend and Quantize Recordings label boss Sean Spencer is back with his new album Soulful Storm.
"Arthritis? That’s just for old people right?" Wrong.
Our new article by Leah Deeney explores what an Osteoarthritis diagnosis means for a woman in their early 20's .
Q&A with Emanuel
We spoke to the Toronto based artist about his stunning new EP lt Therapy Session 2: Transformation, working with Idris Elba and his revelations this year.
Armstrong WW - Control
The 18 year old Texan artist by way of Cameroon has provided a late contender for Sludge Mag's song of the year with Control.
12 days of Christmas
Our 12 picks for small businesses to support this Christmas and beyond!

KidSoSteez - Born To Create

Midlands boy KidSoSteez debuted his first single Born To Create this week, establishing himself on the UK alternative music scene. 


Read our new interview with South Korean mega producer WOOGIE. The Jay Park and 2 Chainz collaborator continues a strong run with the release of PARADISE and tells all about his journey to becoming one of South Korea's most prominent music figures 

Q&A with Omar Khaleel

British-Yemeni photographer Omar Khaleel 's work  is the sort of magic that can only really arise from a multi-cultural worldview. With a client list boasting everyone from Adidas and Puma to The Guardian, HYPEBEAST and the Financial Times he is one of fashion photography's shining lights. Read out new Q&A where he gives budding photographers his top industry tips  

Q&A with Vanessa Maria

No Boundaries, alike to the name of the talent agency that she co-founded, is very much the motto that Vanessa Maria lives by. A DJ, broadcaster, creative producer and now marketing specialist- the sky is far from the limit for this young extraordinaire.

Q&A with Jaydonclover
We caught up with the rising singer about her song featured in the new Footasylum campaign, new track piecesofme and being inspired by Birmingham.
Q&A with Odeal
The 24/48 singer continues to solidify himself as one of the U.K. scene's most multi-faceted song writers.
Q&A with Nubia Assata
We chat to the teenage author to discuss Silent Screams. An anthology of poems about the Black experience through the fresh eyes of a 16 year old.
Q&A with Lordkez
We chat to the sultry 🇿🇦 songstress talks to us about the new EP she's blessed the scene with Charcotta.
Prosper - Sorzano
Sorzano delivers a short film about finding mental peace with all of the protest and anarchy currently going on around the world.
Q&A with Kay Young
Roc Nation's newest signee gives us the lowdown on her stunning new EP Middle Matters with insight on what we can expect from her upcoming album.
Sirens FC x Out of Office link up with Martyn Ewoma
to make custom Arsenal shirt featuring the names and faces of iconic black figures in education to raise money for The Black Curriculum.
Vandalism or art: who draws the line?
Banksy's latest piece was removed by a TfL worker. Due it's estimated worth he's been welcomed to redo it. Why are the rules of vandalism are different for him?

Men Ruin Everything: 

Gym Edition

Josephine Ewoma of the fitness page Just Josephine speaks to her own experiences and those of countless other female gym-goers having their workouts jeopardised by predatory men. 

Odeal - More Life

Fresh off providing the hook for Ringaling alongside Headie One on Nines' chart topping Crabs in a Bucket album, German born Nigerial artist Odeal is here with a banger of his own in More Life

Women In The Dance

We chat to Lintott and Joksi the two Birmingham natives behind Women In The Dance, an initiative through social media to change the landscape of dance music scenes by creating safer environments free from sexual abuse.


The Essie Gang family has another star on their hands as L3 impresses with his latest single & video IGNORANT produced by HoneyWoodSix.

I May Destroy You
Receiving critical acclaim for it's unflinching depiction of how different people deal with sexual assault. Read our rundown of Michaela Coel's masterpiece.
Q&A with Berny Ferr
We grab some face time with the MUA artist mixing upscaling and illustration in to his work to great effect.
Q&A with Carlton Matthews
Following the hugely successful release of his debut zine Social Suicide we sit down with graphic illustrator and motion designer Carlton Matthews.
Billionaire brunches and Black liberation
As Kanye West reportedly joins Jay-Z as rapper turned billionaire it’s important to remind ourselves that more Black billionaires doesn’t = Black liberation.
Q&A with Chinwag Call
Chinwag Call is a creative project centred around opening up a dialogue amongst recovering addicts. We sit down with it's founder.
Anything But Change
The replacement of Edward Colston's statue with Jen Reid is a nice moment. But is symptomatic of a culture of symbolism in lieu of action.
The French Knee on the Neck
It's time to remove 🇫🇷's colonial knee from the neck of African development.

M.I.C and PK Brako release new single Witchclart

After a wait that feels like an eon grime fans can finally look forward to hearing the song that incorporates quite literally the hardest bars of 2018. An exert from JUST JAM 117 which is now a viral clip with co-signs from JME and Lethal Bizzle saw M.I.C cursing his enemies with creativity and disdain in equal measure. 

Skengman Churchill

Following today's gammon convention in Westminster that has seen far-right protests defending British values by urinating on memorials and fighting the police, Halima Nashir explains Churchill's true legacy.

Q&A with John Alone

John Alone presents a psychedelic, eccentric sound which doesn’t conform to a genre and goes against the grain. We were able to talk to him about the track, his inspirations, and the effects of lockdown on musicians. 

Why it’s okay to lack motivation whilst under lockdown

We're really proud of all of you who are spending this time working on yourselves, but if you're just getting by or even a bit fed up that's okay too. Our new article by Emmie Cosgrove tells you why 

Q&A with Jake Zeeman
With YouTube videos amassing millions of views Jake Zeeman is the filmmaker set to keep you entertained throughout lockdown.
We know you had to do it to 'em
A few weeks back we challenged our Instagram follows to show us their best isolation fits in the iconic meme pose. You certainly didn't disappoint.
Q&A with Jex Wang
Chat over dinner with one of London's busiest creatives. The Eastern Margins syndicate's talents include photography, writing, DJ'ing and political meme savant.
Q&A with Bllackline
With a client list spanning from Highsnobiety and It's Nice That, to Nike and The NHS, graphic designer and illustrator Bllackline is on the ascendency.
Q&A with Jimi Da Killa
We sit down with Jimi Da Killa to talk all things Cognac Arcade, fashion design and future plans.
Q&A with ede store
We interview Eve Williams, founder of the ede store. The skincare and wellness project taking self care beyond the skin deep.


We sit down with the creative director and photographer lensing your favourite artists across the globe. From Yung Lean, A$AP Nast and Aminé to U.K. talents Slowthai and Jorja Smith - Nina Nagele's photography is truly a sight to behold. She even blesses our readers with a playlist.

LOCKDOWN: Couples Edition

Are you tearing your hair out isolating with your significant other? If so our new article by Lauren Dorling is here to help with four top tips for surviving Lockdown: Couple's Edition.

Why are so many young rappers dying?

Recent years have seen an upsurge in the deaths of young rappers including as xxxtentacion, Fredo Santana, Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, Nipsey Hussle, Jimmy Wopo, Pop Smoke, Smoke Dawg, Mac Miller & others. Our new article unpacks the causes of this seemingly unending tradgedy.

The root of modern medicine's failings towards Black mothers

Black mothers in the U.K. are four times more likely to die during childbirth. We explore why.

Q&A with Eastern Margins
Eastern Margins are the platform fighting for representation for Eastern and South East Asians in the U.K. music scene.
Why cultural appropriation on the catwalk still matters
Comme Des Garçons are just the latest brand to come under criticism following their decision to have models wearing fake cornrows on the catwalk.
Year and decade roundup
We look back at the moments and art that shaped 2019 and the 2010's as a whole.
Q&A with Minor Formula
A brand second and a family first, championing the spirit of collaboration.
The root of modern medicine's failings towards Black mothers
Black mothers in the U.K. are four times more likely to die during childbirth. We explore why.
The Age of the Luxury Collab
We interview Vincenzo Borrelli to unpack why we're seeing so many collabs between luxury brands.

Seinna and Scientific drop latest collaboration 'Kimchi'

London based rapper Seinna links up with Dresden based producer Scientific to present new track 'Kimchi'. Read the lowdown here

I’ve failed as a woman and I’ve never felt more beautiful

Frequent Sludge Magazine contributor Lauren Dorling's subject matter covers any number of complex issues. Her new article for us explains how she dealt with the one topic request from an editor that stumped her: beauty.

Four Ways To Find The Will To Live When You've Lost It

The dust from Mental Health Awareness month has settled, but unfortunately adversity exists all the year round. Lauren Dorling offers us her four top tips for conquering introspective quandaries.

The Politics of Apathy

Far-right rhetoric and legislation is slowly becoming more publicly palatable, whilst challenges are being shaped as an infringement on the expression of ideas. Ellen’s reasoning that her friendship with George W. Bush is nothing more than “being friends with someone that doesn’t share the same beliefs that she does” is evidence of how the gravity of political ideology is being undermined.

The De-politicisation of Mental Health Discourse
Society has come a long way in de-stigmatising mental illness. Its time for government to be as proactive as the people they represent.
Teach You Something
DIPS & Lo-Wu drop the visual for K THE INFINITE assisted track "Teach You Something".
Listen to new track Dreaming by John Alone and Ckbreeze.
Q&A with Jonathan Williams
The Birmingham based photographer shooting some of the 🇬🇧 and 🇺🇸 biggest stars.
Q&A with Jinsun Park
In this exclusive interview Jinsun Park tells us about her inspirations, London's Korean community and her new book "Two Times Or Maybe More".

Had To Wear The Dress 'Cause I Had a Stick

After the hugely successful release of Young Thug's So Much Fun one lyric has captured the imagination of listeners. Martyn Ewoma explores the history of androgyny in rap music.  

When is booty shaking right?

As women's rap grows in the mainstream, so does the criticism of their reclamation of sexuality through their lyrics. Predominantly from male rappers who have been using women's sexuality as a vehicle to promote their own careers since rap's inception.

Q&A with Kigh Karup$hin

High Karup$hin are back with their new project Guerrilla Glue. We sit down with members Bvby $lurgeTxgh-Dye and F$A Phantom to get the lowdown on the groups spooky production, the groups interesting knack for making joint paintings and the future of Connecticut rap scene as a whole. 

Q&A with Amel Mukhtar

Meet Amel Mukhtar, the British Vogue staffer bringing political activism to the forefront.

Q&A with Jess Lawrence
Read up on the rise of social media maven Jess Lawrence
Dips & Lo-Wu - Take Off
Dips & Lo-Wu's "Take Off" is a summer evening essential
Local Geezers - Geez Way
Local Geezers drop the hotly anticipated "Geez Way"
Q&A with SET
Style and sustain with SET
Jimi drops wavey visual for "Brandy belly"
Check out the Derby rapper's exclusive release and remember to drink responsibly.
My milkshake makes for a forlorn Farage
In a landscape of British politics mired by political violence milkshake throwing has proved a step too far for leftists and the far right alike

Valorising the veil

As is often the case with customs that originate outside of Western society and religion, the veil has been demonised  and in equal measures co-opted to further right wing agendas. Oliver Stevens-Neck explores the West's orientalist fixation with the veil

Caster Semenya: 

When Fairness Is False

Writer Tariyé Peterside delves in to the ever political world of sports to explore the IAAF's decision to deny Caster Semenya the right to compete in the sport she has long dominated

Enthusiastic Consent is Coming! (Spoilers)

As the final series of Game of Thrones commences the surviving characters have treated audiences to a plethora of drama ranging from beheadings, incest, dragons and White Walkers. So what made a consensual sex scene in the last episode so shocking? 

Heavy on shoulder

Photographer Jinsun Park explores the stresses of the South Korean education system through her new photos series and think-piece exclusively for Sludge Mag

Performative cancel culture
Performative cancel culture We explore the politics of culpability and the pitfalls of performed online liberalism in our new article.
Adelaide and Red
The dichotomy between Diaspora and African Blackness (Spoilers)
Manoeuvring the patriarchy
What ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ can teach us about manoeuvring for power in the Patriarchy.
The Manifesto Built On Memes
As memes replace manifestos, and when ideas mean more than their subsequent implementation we explore the entertainment industry's role in modern politics.
Pejoration for power
How the right wings co-opting of left wing terminology has rendered political discourse illegible.
Does the Pope's stance of the death penalty matter?
Pope Francis' renewed stance on the Catholic Church has taken a huge 180 and the clergy are less than impressed.

Q&A with M.I.C

We catch up with the emcee superman punching through grime's glass ceiling. Find out what has fuelled this exciting, polarising, Nintendo loving enigmatic new talent that has everyone from NME to JME and Tim & Barry paying attention.

'Smear' for Sludge Mag

Model Tionne Harrison takes centre stage in our first ever exclusive fashion editorial. Lensed by Martyn Ewoma this dreamy pastel editorial is comprised of looks styled by Skye Lai with beauty looks dreamed up by make-up artist Berny Ferr.


We caught up with Jimi Da Killa and Wiz who along with producer Ted Loco are inseminating the UK rap scene with a much needed shake-up.

Climate activists: 

Pull it out before the earth puts out.

This article by Lauren Dorling explores a belief held by certain environmentalists; that curtailing how many children we all have may be the only way to save our planet.

Q&A with Vincenzo Borrelli
Revisit our chat with fashion polymath and egg cult leader Enzo Borrelli.
What do bank holidays mean to working Brits in 2018?
We interview a range of people with jobs outside the 9-5 to see how employment laws impacts them.
Responsibility in 🏳️‍🌈 filmmaking: lesbians through the male ga
As we see greater variety in romances being depicted on screen. Portrayal of lesbian relationships still lag behind reverting to homophobic and fetishisation.
Q&A with Bare Vintage
Depop page is a platform for budding models providing some of the most beautiful editorial photography showcasing contemporary streetwear.
Freedom of speech ≠ freedom from consequence
ections of the far-right believe the biggest affront to freedom of speech in the modern world is being held accountable for spreading racial hatred.
Why Trump and team owners are missing the point
Nicholas Borghesi explores the president and NFL's disdain for peaceful protest.

How Bare Vintage took the Depop market by storm

Over the past few years what started out solely as a Depop page has transformed in to a platform for budding models, and an Instagram page that provides some of the most beautiful editorial photography showcasing contemporary streetwear brands.

Freedom of speech  freedom from consequence

Whilst drill rappers are literally being imprisoned for their lyrics, and professional athletes careers are being destroyed for speaking out against discrimination, sections of the far-right believe the biggest affront to freedom of speech in the modern world is being held accountable for spreading racial hatred. 

Why Trump and Team Owners Are Missing the Point

Nicholas Borghesi explores the president and NFL's disdain for peaceful protest.

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