The Politics of Apathy 

Far-right rhetoric and legislation is slowly becoming more publicly palatable, whilst challenges are being shaped as an infringement on the expression of ideas. Ellen’s reasoning that her friendship with George W. Bush is nothing more than “being friends with someone that doesn’t share the same beliefs that she does” is evidence of how the gravity of political ideology is being undermined.



The De-politicisation of Mental Health Discourse

Mental Health Awareness Week is an example of how far society has come in terms of de-stigmatising mental health issues. It is now time for government to be as proactive as the people they represent.

We interview model turned photographer Luke Forte 

With a modelling career that's seen him face campaigns for the likes of Goodhood and walk shows at PFW, the decision to take his camera along with him on his adventures has seen Forte capturing beautifully raw images of his own.

Teach You Something

DIPS & Lo-Wu drop the visual for K THE INFINITE assisted track "Teach You Something". Check out our rundown here

Listen to new track Dreaming by John Alone and Ckbreeze

Sultry vocalist John Alone drops official video shot by Rococo World and directed by Kieran Kiani

Jonathan Williams on Photographing the Scene's Biggest Musicians

Meet the Birmingham based photographer shooting some of the U.K. and U.S's biggest stars

Jinsun Park interview

In this exclusive interview Jinsun Park tells us about her inspirations, London's Korean community and her new book "Two Times Or Maybe More".



Had To Wear The Dress 'Cause I Had a Stick

After the hugely successful release of Young Thug's So Much Fun one lyric has captured the imagination of listeners. Martyn Ewoma explores the history of androgyny in rap music.  

When is booty shaking right?

As women's rap grows in the mainstream, so does the criticism of their reclamation of sexuality through their lyrics. Predominantly from male rappers who have been using women's sexuality as a vehicle to promote their own careers since rap's inception.

High Karup$hin drop new album Guerrilla Glue

Following on from their 2015 project DBOAN II, Connecticut based trio High Karup$hin are back with their new project Guerrilla Glue. We sit down with members Bvby $lurgeTxgh-Dye and F$A Phantom to get the lowdown on the groups spooky production, the groups interesting knack for making joint paintings and the future of Connecticut rap scene as a whole. 

Meet Amel Mukhtar, the British Vogue staffer bringing political activism to the forefront

Check out our interview and shoot with Amel Mukhtar. The new features assistant at British Vogue penning unapologetically politically conscious articles on a range of issues from the Christchurch massacre to the women at the forefront of the Sudanese revolution. But don't be surprised to find her still finding time to ponder the new series of Big Little Lies and the artists of the summer to look out for. 



Read up on the rise of social media maven Jess Lawrence

From modelling in worldwide campaigns, to brand collaborations and navigating the office environment as a social editor, Jess Lawrence is clearly a rising star. We managed to spend some time with the woman herself to find out how she's managed to put herself on this impressive career trajectory.

Dips & Lo-Wu's "Take Off" is a summer evening essential

Hosted via GRM Daily, the South London duo enlist frequent Local Geezers collaborator Rufus Wilson to deliver a video that perfectly encapsulates the duality of the duo's raw South London roots with a more relaxed tranquil approach to delivering their message 

Local Geezers drop the hotly anticipated "Geez Way

After releasing a snippet of an unheard track in collaboration with fellow Derby native Ashley Hunt of Hunt's Emporia for Depop, Local Geezers fans have been chomping at the bit for the release on the mysterious summery track. Now finally "Geez Way" is here.

Style and sustain with SET 

Since 2013 U.K. based contemporary outdoors brand has been going from strength to strength, attracting co-signs from the likes of Skepta, Frisco and Casey Neistat. We sit down with the brand's founder Jack to talk sustainability, style and SET's plans to make sure they're part of your wardrobe for decades to come alongside a new editorial featuring rising model and musician Mo to showcase some of the summer line.

Jimi drops wavey visual for "Brandy belly"

Directed by Local Geezers frequent collaborator Rufus Wilson the video sees Jimi Da Killa meandering around the Derby streets, marketplaces and shops - showing us all there is never a bad place to get Brandy Bellied. Watch the Ted Loco & C4 produced track. Check out this Sludge Magazine exclusive release and remember to drink responsibly.

My milkshake makes for a forlorn Farage

In a landscape of British politics mired by political violence. The throwing of milkshakes at fascists, has proved a step too far for the liberal left wing and far right alike



Valorising the veil

As is often the case with customs that originate outside of Western society and religion, the veil has been demonised  and in equal measures co-opted to further right wing agendas. Oliver Stevens-Neck explores the West's orientalist fixation with the veil

Caster Semenya: When Fairness Is False

Writer Tariyé Peterside delves in to the ever political world of sports to explore the IAAF's decision to deny Caster Semenya the right to compete in the sport she has long dominated

Enthusiastic Consent is Coming! (Spoilers)

As the final series of Game of Thrones commences the surviving characters have treated audiences to a plethora of drama ranging from beheadings, incest, dragons and White Walkers. So what made a consensual sex scene in the last episode so shocking? 

Heavy on shoulder

Photographer Jinsun Park explores the stresses of the South Korean education system through her new photos series and think-piece exclusively for Sludge Mag



Performative cancel culture

Writer and photographer Martyn Ewoma explores the politics of culpability and the pitfalls of performed online liberalism in our new article

Adelaide & Red: The dichotomy between Diaspora and African Blackness (Spoilers)

Writer Tariyé Peterside gives her reading of Jordan Peele's new blockbuster 'Us' and how it pertains to the black diaspora experience in the U.S. and Africa

What ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ can teach us about manoeuvring for power in the Patriarchy

The Manifesto Built On Memes

As memes replace manifestos, and when ideas mean more than their subsequent implementation, Adam Smith explores the entertainment industry's role in modern politics

Pejoration for power

How the right wings co-opting of left wing terminology has rendered political discourse illegible 

Does the Pope's stance of the death penalty matter?

Pope Francis' renewed stance on the Catholic Church has taken a huge 180 and the clergy are less than impressed



"It's the M.I.C on the mic!"

We catch up with the emcee superman punching through grime's glass ceiling. Find out what has fuelled this exciting, polarising, Nintendo loving enigmatic new talent that has everyone from NME to JME and Tim & Barry paying attention.

'Smear' for Sludge Mag

Model Tionne Harrison takes centre stage in our first ever exclusive fashion editorial. Lensed by Martyn Ewoma this dreamy pastel editorial is comprised of looks styled by Skye Lai with beauty looks dreamed up by make-up artist Berny Ferr.


We caught up with Jimi Da Killa and Wiz who along with producer Ted Loco are inseminating the UK rap scene with a much needed shake-up.

Climate activists: Pull it out before the earth puts out.

This article by Lauren Dorling explores a belief held by certain environmentalists; that curtailing how many children we all have may be the only way to save our planet.



Get to know Instagram's favourite cult leader in our interview with Vincenzo Borrelli.

What do bank holidays mean to working Brits in 2018?

Responsibility in LBGT filmmaking: lesbians through the male gaze.

How Bare Vintage took the Depop market by storm.

Freedom of speech and freedom from consequence are not the same thing.

NFL Protests: Why Trump and Team Owners Are Missing the Point.





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