Charlotte Mei presents Like A Melody: Myths, Memories and Fantasy

The British Chinese artist's new exhibition is an invitation to delve into fantasy.

NOW Gallery's latest Future Space exhibition is an immersive colourful spectacle by illustrator and artist Charlotte Mei. NOW Gallery situated in Greenwich Peninsula will be transformed into an otherworldly dreamscape of paintings, giant figurines and sculptures of ancient artefacts from a parallel universe. Mei's work is heavily inspired by fantasy and the escapism it can afford from daily life's challenges. One such challenge is navigating what fantasy means in adulthood as a British-Chinese artist, whose storybooks featured predominantly white male protagonists growing up. Like A Melody invites attendees to situate themselves as a protagonist in the fantasy world she has created. 

In true fantasy fashion attendees of the private view are welcome to "dress up" whatever that means to you for the private view on March 28th. 

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