CommonGround& presents Women Who Dare

The follow up to last year's blockbuster Pioneers-A Renaissance in South Asian Creativity remembers the legacy of Queen Zeenat Mahal

Last year we had the pleasure of covering CommonGround&'s Pioneers-A Renaissance in South Asian Creativity exhibition at Royal Museums Greenwich. We were treated to panel discussions and freshly shot portraiture of South Asian creatives across a breadth of creative disciplines for South Asian heritage month. Now for this year's International Women's Day on the 8th of March founder Mehala Ford has created a day event at The Queen's House of the RMG called Women who Dare. Attendees will be able to enjoy live music, talks and workshops about the history of South Asian jewellery and Sari, sound therapy and an opportunity to learn more about the forgotten story of Queen Zeenat Mahal, the last Empress of the Mughal Empire (1823-1886). There'll also be the opportunity to hear from some of the women featured in the Pioneers photo series and their experiences of navigating their respective fields as South Asian women.

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