Keen celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their breathable sustainably made sneaker the UNEEK

10 years ago KEEN's Director of Innovation, Rory Fuerst Jr. set out to solve an obvious problem in the footwear industry. It is impossible for a sneaker to comfortably fit everyone when everyone's feet are different. Meaning the 2D jigsaw like construction of materials used to make conventional sneakers could not possibly accommodate everyone. By looking at the foot itself and working around it, rather that cramming feet into a pre-determined design - the UNEEK solved that problem. Made from recycled P.E.T plastic cords and lace-lock system, plus pesticide-free and natural odour control to reduce our use of virgin materials and impact on the planet the sneaker is as kind to the planet as it is to your feet. The iconic sneaker has also turned heads in certified fashion circles featuring on the runway for Saul Nash and boasts collaborations with Engineered Garments, Beams and End Clothing.

Shop the KEEN unique via their webstore


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