ede store: the skincare and wellness project taking self care beyond the skin deep

What began as a personal crusade for better skin, eventually led to Eve Williams launching skincare and wellness project ede. With naturally sourced skincare products, an attentively curated minimalist Instagram page, and an "ede talks" blog feature on the site - ede store has everything you need to clear your mind and skin. We sit down with Eve to get the full lowdown.

What made you start ede and how long has it been going?

I first tried natural skincare on a whim when I had acne in 2016 and had nothing to lose. I got instant results and that’s really where the roots of ede came from. I began making our ‘needs must face oil’ for myself to keep my acne under control, if I ever ran out, my spots would come back within the week. So really, I had to start ede so I’d have a lifetime of stock and here we are. That’s why it got its name ‘needs must’, I can’t live without it. A lot has been going on in the background since then and we officially launched our ede range at the beginning of this year.

Where does the name come from?

Ede is my great grandmother’s name. I’ve always loved the name, it’s very close to my own name (Eve), so I thought what better way than to use the name as my project. Also, Ede (my great-grandmother) was a very head-strong woman and I can always do with an extra helping of that.

There's a lot of skincare and beauty products on the market, what makes ede different?

As a project our mission is to redefine the practice of aromatherapy in a way that speaks to us, on our level. We want to open an outlet for people who may need the healing benefits of aromatherapy but don’t relate to the products that are on the market at the moment. I hope that our products speak with individuality and an attitude that is inspiring to those people to look into alternative methods of healing and wellness.

The IG feed for the page is very well curated, what inspires the aesthetics of the brand?

Being a wellness brand that embodies treasuring moments of self-care I wanted to create a mellow, relaxing space both with the product design and through to our imagery on our online spaces. In the design stage we opted for a soft, neutral colour palette which lends a lot to how our imagery and ultimately our IG developed from there. 

We love the ede talks section of the site, how important is it to be a brand that embodies a lifestyle as well as selling products?

For me, it’s all about improving our lifestyles. If I can guide our customers look into their personal wellness and therefore improve their lives then I’ve succeeded in my role. Whether that’s helping with skin or opening up the conversation about mental health and wellness in an honest and relatable way, I think it’s essential that there is an important conversation happening behind our brand’s voice. 

The BDE article on your site along with some Instagram posts showcase a real commitment to promoting womanhood and self esteem! Is it difficult to navigate the beauty industry, which has long been criticised for commodifying insecurity, whilst still maintaining your ethos?

I agree the beauty industry can be all consuming and I respect it has power. A few years back, I started questioning why I was spending thirty minutes every morning putting on makeup and it turned out the answer wasn’t because I was doing it for myself. So, I decided to stop. As I stopped, I simultaneously stopped scrutinising myself in the mirror every morning, picking out faults to cover up and grew more accustom to enjoying the face and skin I wake up with each day. This was a powerful personal experience and I think skincare can work as a tool for looking after and preserving what you’ve got. A good skincare practice can ultimately lead to a higher level of wellness, focusing on prevention rather than ‘cure’ and giving yourself small moments of self-care in your day. I understand for some people the beauty industry is what gives them their confidence and it was my own identity for so long, but I truly believe that when it stops serving you, that’s when it gains power in your insecurity and that’s when you should consider changing it up.

You've recently added some tutorials and shown your followers who you are. What made you make the decision to go public with your identity with the brand?

I’m generally a very private person so it’s hard for me to try and leave that behind but I found people feel more confident to reach out with questions or for my help when I showed up online. Also, everyone loves being nosey so let’s give the people what they want.

Summer's on the horizon, can we expect any new products that'll help us live our best beach life?

Hah! At the moment who knows if any of us will be beaching this summer… But, I am working on an idea that could come out a little later in the year, an extension to our ‘aromatherapy for this century’ range shall I say.

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