Cyrene Blue

Jewel Kaye draws on childhood memories for WIJNRUIT's second collection Cyrene Blue

Following the release of WIJNRUIT's debut collection IDEAL, London based multi-disciplinary artist and Sludge Mag creative director Jewel Kaye has unveiled the brand's second collection Cyrene Blue. The collection embodies Kaye's personal style, flouting heteronormativity and experimenting with a broad array of silhouettes. There is an onus on freedom of expression through a use of hero archetypes. Where IDEAL took inspiration from the rough and ready aesthetic of bikers, Cyrene Blue takes a softer approach to bohemian lifestyles by interpolating surf culture. Drawing from childhood memories of family trips to Cornwall, the collection features wetsuit reminiscent trousers, lifeguard orange tones and and beach ready acid washes. There are also nods to pop punk, a key theme throughout most of Kaye's creative output. Slashed garments and patchy tie-dye jobs create an interesting juxtaposition of DIY and extreme technical garment construction. As is the case with all of WIJNRUIT's showings, particular attention is paid to sustainability. One jacket is crafted from the cushions of a friend's sofa, the mesh Hawaiian shirt is a total rework alongside an array of cut-and-sew t-shirts.

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Creative direction by Jewel Kaye

Photography by Martyn Ewoma

Styling by Francesca Russo

Models: Cameron Jarvie, Hugo Furlong & Jacob Newton


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