R.I.P Vivienne Westwood

We speak to rapper Loue Marc and artist Jewel Kaye following the Queen's passing.

"Vivienne’s one of those super rare kind of warrior - adventurer people that only come every few generations I believe. I reckon she’s the definition of ‘Avant- garde’, not just as a designer though"

- Jewel Kaye

"It takes bravery to offer those crazy tactically abstract ideas at that time! She was laughed at on TV, when she tried to present ideas at first. I guess she got the last laugh on that one crowd after leaving a legacy like that"

- Jewel Kaye

"She’s inspired every creative I can think of, ‘cause she really proved that ‘anyone can have a go!’, and you don’t have to please everyone, like go try, music, fashion, photography, whatever! That’s what punk is, and that’s what Vivienne was to the core"

- Jewel Kaye

"Even one of my favourite tops I made got inspired by a piece I saw Björk wear. She was exactly what the world needed creatively and she’s gonna be remembered like a real life legend"

- Jewel Kaye

Model: Loue Marc

Typography by Jewel Kaye

Photography by Martyn Ewoma


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