We had a chat with Vincenzo Borrelli about fashion, music and being an Instagram cult leader

Since moving to London a few years ago Vincenzo Borrelli has made a name for himself with his impeccable taste, exhibited primarily through his Instagram. His outfit photos, taste in music and hilarious knack for zooming in on his own face on his story has his followers clamouring to be as much like him as they can. Whether it be via buying the pleated Issey Miyake Homme Plisse pleated trousers he's undoubtedly popularised or literally shaving their own heads to join "the egg cult", his influence is unquestionable. We sat down with him to get to know the man behind the cult.

Photo: Fiona O' Hanlon

Q. Hi Enzo, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We'll start with what's always the most difficult questions for multi-faceted people to answer: what do you do?

Enzo: Hello there sir! Currently I’m an Enzo-of-all-trades with the fashion and creative world. My bread and butter is personal styling, however I am also an editorial stylist, creative consultant and am pretending to be a DJ.

Q. So we know you're from Derby, which may surprise some people as it's not the first place that comes to mind when you think fashion. What was it like there and where did your interest in fashion start?

Enzo: Unfortunately my words for Derby aren’t nice ones, however I have to thank it for being what it is because it pushed me to go to London and be where I am now. Derby is a dull middle ground, it’s neither rich nor poor with not a lot of culture surrounding food, the arts or fashion, it’s a very grey middle ground to me although it’s improved. As for my fashion interest, that grew from a combination of always wanting to be the best dressed out of my friends and being a nerd. I got a lot of influence from music with different brands and I spend way, waaaaay too much time on my PC so I naturally began reading and exploring and it became my obsession.

Q. How has it been moving to London and what are your favourite and least favourite things about living there?

Enzo: Moving to London was a big deal to me because, until recently, I was incredibly untravelled (and still am to be honest). It’s only an hour and a half away from London but they are completely different beasts. My favourite thing about London is how overloaded it is with everything, there’s not a person who lives on this earth whom doesn’t fit in in London; it’s incredibly diverse and packed with opportunity. My least favourite thing about it is how I equipped it is for summer, I’m currently having massive problems controlling my sweat haha!

Photo: @street_style_planet_earth

Q. It's clear from your Instagram that you're a big music lover and DJ from time to time as well - who are you listening to at the moment?

Enzo: Born and raised music lover and my favourites at the moment are probably Valee, whom is G.O.O.D. Music’s latest signing, 070 Shake aaaand all of Kanye’s latest albums, ironically which Valee and 070 have worked on. It’s definitely a huge wave of G.O.O.D music at the moment, with a large sprinkle of Trippie Redd too. I also have to mention a few British artists like Lancey Foux, Bakar (whom is the only Indie artist I like) and Octavian that I’m into at the moment.

Q. A lot of people came to know you via a YouTube show in which you were a "fashion judge" of sorts. A bit like the Simon Cowell of fit pics. Can you tell us a bit about your role in the show, how you think you were received and what it's subsequently done for your career?

Enzo: So I’m part of a panel section of my good friend’s YouTube Channel, Sangiev. I 100% invite the Simon Cowell of fit pics comparison hahaha, I absolutely love that title. I think that controversy brings engagement and discussion which is a great thing, it makes everybody think more, my angle was 50:50, just kidding:I’m serious you look really bad. It did a lot for my following and me and the boys talked about it a lot when it was beginning; it definitely gave me my voice. I always try to be honest, whether it comes out as a critique or an over aggressive joke at someone else’s expense...

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Q. Your Instagram is always burgeoning with great outfit photos, what's the importance of showing people how you dress?

Enzo: There isn’t really an explicit reason for me posting my outfits, I like to be eclectic, it’s like a little look book for myself so I can keep experimenting and see all my fits, and it’s just attracted attention from others and grown into something. I never want to be/have the intention to be a blogger or influencer, on the whole I despise those words, I’m still not really sure what I’m doing but it’s becoming a platform, a business and something that a person can use for inspiration and a look into my take on what good taste is.

Photo: British GQ

Q. It'd be remiss to not mention the fact you've also started a cult (for those reading, this isn't a joke). Tell us a little more about the egg-cult and how you're harnessing your powers for good?

The Egg Cult is the first positive cult and it’s basically me getting strangers on the internet whom appreciate me in someway to shave their heads for the sake of it and this has lead up to a cult like affair and started a t-shirt which I’ll be making for all the profits to go to a charity for alopecia or cancer sufferers. I’m trying to get people to blindly follow me into a lane filled with positivity and giving to charity (kidding, slightly)!

Q. How long will it be before SSENSE finally sponsor you?

I so, so badly want Ssense to sponsor me, I genuinely think about this everyday. PSA: SSENSE, I SELL SO MANY PIECES FOR YOU VICARIOUSLY THROUGH PEOPLE FOR YOU, I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED.

To keep up to date with Vincenzo and see if his sponsorship dreams come see his Instagram


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