Jimi drops wavey visual for "Brandy belly"

Directed by Local Geezers frequent collaborator Rufus Wilson the video sees Jimi Da Killa meandering around the Derby streets, marketplaces and shops - showing us all there is never a bad place to get Brandy Bellied. Watch the Ted Loco & C4 produced track

Get to know Nottingham's own Ella Knight

Following the release of her recent single Q&A, a succession of guest appearances on other tracks and a performance at Dot to Dot festival, we managed to have a Q&A of our own with the emerging Midlands singer

Enthusiastic Consent is Coming! (Spoilers)

As the final series of Game of Thrones commences the surviving characters have treated audiences to a plethora of drama ranging from beheadings, incest, dragons and White Walkers. So what made a consensual sex scene in the last episode so shocking? 

Heavy on shoulder

Photographer Jinsun Park explores the stresses of the South Korean education system through her new photos series and think-piece exclusively for Sludge Mag

Adelaide and Red: The dichotomy between Diaspora and African Blackness (Spoilers)

Ever since Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ slashed its way into cinemas around the world, multiple theories and interpretations have abounded about the film’s themes and its characters. People have been theorising, in particular, about the twist regarding Adelaide and Red

What ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ can teach us about manoeuvring for power in the Patriarchy

The latest episodes of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ have a lot to teach us about the ways in which we relate to love, family, friends and even organised religion through our gender. But perhaps the most poignant lesson that the second part of the show’s first season can offer us comes in the form of several cautionary tales about dealing with a patriarchal power structure when you are not an intended beneficiary of patriarchy. 

The Manifesto Built On Memes

As memes replace manifestos, and when ideas mean more than their subsequent implementation, Adam Smith explores the entertainment industry's role in modern politics

It's the M.I.C on the mic

We catch up with the emcee superman punching through grime's glass ceiling. Find out what has fuelled this exciting, polarising, Nintendo loving enigmatic new talent that has everyone from NME to JME and Tim & Barry paying attention.

Responsibility in LBGT filmmaking: lesbians through the male gaze

Little by little we are seeing a greater variety of stories and romances being depicted on the silver screen. Portrayal of lesbian relationships still lag behind often reverting to homophobic tropes and overt sexualisation. Shannon Watson asks, where are the cinematic love stories for the ages that feature women who love women?

How to make it as a trap artist from the Midlands

We caught up with Jimi Da Killa and Wiz who along with producer Ted Loco are inseminating the UK rap scene with a much needed shake-up. From nods from publications like VIPER Mag to being covered by the BBC and modelling for Depop there's a lot to delve in to with this talented Derby outfit. 





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