Hosef launches in Brixton

Check out this new homeware store full of rare finds in Brixton

Hotel Zamara

Come party this bank holiday at London's hottest party for Black cultural expression

International Women's Day: Amy Drucquer

The This Fan Girl founder and Vicky Park Queens gaffer speaks to us about her role in the explosion of women's football

Q&A with Richmond Orlando Mensah
The Manju Journal founder showcases Ghana's globe shaping creative scene in new book VOICES
Q&A with Lirian Santos
Lirian Santos is lighting up the football freestyle scene and reminding us why we love the beautiful game 🇧🇷
Nadia Girach presents "One of my kind"
The Burberry Culture and Heritage award winner presents One Of My Kind. Exploring the intersection between Islam and Western fashion
Q&A with Nick Preston
From My Mad Fat Diary to Grime Kids, this actor with an unconventional start is forging his own path.
Divine Femininity
Radhika Muthanna's "Divine Femininity" is a photographic exploration challenging normative Western conceptions of femininity through striking portraiture
Q&A with Karam Singh
Derby's crown jewel and the UK's first b-boy to become a Nike athlete, talks Olympic hopes and inspiration.
Q&A with Bllackline
With a client list spanning from Highsnobiety and It's Nice That, to Nike and The NHS, graphic designer and illustrator Bllackline is on the ascendency.
Q&A with iYANDA
We chat to the Kardashian endorsed, award-winning TV personality, MC and speaker Ayanda Thabethe who's cyber alter-ego iYANDA is 🇿🇦's newest Virtual influencer.
We chat to Nina Nagele who's lensed everyone from Aminé, Yung Lean to Slowthai and Jorja Smith. She even blesses us with a playlist
Berny Ferr honours Pride Month with LGBTQIA+ inspired looks
One of our favourite make-up artists and contestant on the first series of BBC 3's Glow Up, Berny Ferr, showcases a range of looks in honour of Pride Month.

SEE MY WORLD: Manchester, Lagos & Me

Check out this new short-film exploring cultural and political conditions for artists in Lagos and Manchester.

Love and Starfish Art presents Zah Zah & Friends

The government are trying to make it impossible for the young artistic community to thrive. This past weekend at Zah Zah & Friends, the youth of Derby said fuck that.

CommonGround& presents Women Who Dare

The follow up to last year's blockbuster Pioneers-A Renaissance in South Asian Creativity remembers the legacy of Queen Zeenat Mahal

Charlotte Mei presents Like A Melody: Myths, Memories and Fantasy

The British Chinese artist's new exhibition is an invitation to delve into fantasy.

The wonderful world of Skepta and what we can learn from it 

Tribal Mark, Mas Tiempo, Mains, Boy Better Know, Mama Goes To Market. What can we learn from the journey of the man behind it all?

Q&A with Niall Hodson

The Manc turned Londoner's new book is a love letter to his adolescence in Greater Manchester

Q&A with Woo Jung Ghil

Step into Woo Jung Ghil's work where calmness and pure concentration (known as "jeongjeok") produce pure visual serenity

Q&A with Linjing Peng

From designing at Céline and Calvin Klein, to ceramics, DJing, dancing and painting - Linjing Peng's creative journey represents a quest for wholeness.

Q&A with Hannah Lim

Chinese-Singaporean British artist Hannah Lim's solo exhibition Bestiaries subverts colonial approaches to East Asian art

NOW Gallery presents A Young South Africa

The latest in the gallery's Human Stories exhibition shines a light on the image makers framing their complex and culturally rich nation.

Gut Feeling and F.A.T Studio present Memory Archive

Gut Feeling and F.A.T Studio's workshop took South London residents for a trip down memory lane.

Awujo in pictures

Our collaborative event Awujo with The Yard Club in pictures.

Q&A with Jo Cope

In a career spanning 20 years, Jo Cope's exploration of feet gives a new perspective on the human experience and challenges us all to do some sole searching.

Sludge Mag presents The Midlands Cup

We brought together creative hubs from across the midlands ahead of the Women's World Cup for our first ever tournament

Q&A with Kiran Samra

Kiran Samra gives us her insight into what it means to be a painter in the 21st century. Her beautiful oil paintings have seen granted a residency in 🇨🇭.


Join us and The Yard at Redbull U.K. and hang out with others doing cool shit across tech, music, media, and everything in between.

Somerset House presents Black Venus

An exhibition examining the historical representation and shifting legacy of Black women in visual culture.

Heavy on Shoulder

Photographer Jinsun Park explores the stresses of the 🇰🇷 education system through her new photos series and think-piece exclusively for Sludge Mag.

Q&A with Jewel Kaye

After years of contributing to Sludge Mag's growth Jewel Kaye joins the platform as creative director

Not just brown, not just Indian

'NOT JUST BROWN, NOT JUST INDIAN', is a series of photoshoots by Mathushaa Sagthidas showcasing the multiplicity of South Asian women and culture

Q&A with Mathushaa Sagthidas

We chat to the exciting emerging photographer putting her Tamil Eelam heritage at the forefront of her work

Q&A with Monika Radojevic 

The #merkybooks new writers' prize winning debut poetry collection "Teeth in the Back of My Neck" is a confronting interrogation of the intersectionality of the female experience in modern Britain.

Q&A with Syahi

Multi-disciplinary visual artist Syahi's oil paintings bridge the gap between the real world and something altogether more spiritual

Sludge Mag remembers Luke Forte

A talented multi-disciplinary artist who's talent was only eclipsed by his effervescent personality and kind heart.

What Is Next For Us?

18 year old Nubia Assata's follows up to her authorial debut Silent Screams with new book What Is Next For Us? Delivering radical Black thought for the Gen-Z audience

Watch: Q&A with Sesse Elangwe

Our new video interview features Texas based Cameroonian artist Sesse Elangwe. We talk to him ahead of his new exhibition DAWN. 

Two years of Boris Johnson | Sludge Magazine

Two years (and countless scandals) into the premiership of Boris Johnson, our latest film feature by Martyn Ewoma reflects on his reign so far. 

Apologise! Apologise!

Patrick Carden interpolates puppetry and Cilla Black’s Surprise! Surprise! to explore apologising in the social media age.

An “Alternative” to “Stories Tinged by White Privilege”: Japanese Animation and the Power of Being ‘Heard’

Solomon PM explores the relationship between Black Westerners gravitation towards anime and the Eastern political sensibilities that inform the art form.

Q&A with Manuela Karin Knaut

Independent gallery Grove Collective present Manuela Karin Knaut's exhibition Intuitive Energy which you can attend virtually through the power of VR.

Q&A with Twentyhood Mag

We sit down with founder Stephanie Kleanthous to chat all things Twentyhood Mag. The magazine which is dedicated to giving a voice to creatives in their twenties is celebrating it's first print issue!

Reality TV Stars: The women we love to hate

We love to hate the women of reality TV. Based on the hit show Married at First Sight Australia, Emily Read examines the consequences of hating the women who bring us light-hearted entertainment. 

'Framing Britney Spears': How The Media Has Framed Women In Music

Following the release of Framing Britney Spears, Lydia Patrick explores tabloid press and mainstream media's tendency to dehumanise women in the music industry 

Q&A with Nubia Assata

We sit down with teenage author Nubia Assata to discuss Silent Screams. The poetry anthology comprised of poems about the Black experience through the fresh eyes of a 16 year old.

Bllacklike & Martyn Ewoma combine for Fareshare UK

Illustrator Bllackline and photographer Martyn Ewoma are raffling off an A2 print each of their work to raise money for Fareshare UK. The food poverty charity supported by Marcus Rashford. 

Prosper - Sorzano

Manchester's underground pioneer Sorzano delivers Propser. A short film about finding mental peace with all of the protest and anarchy currently going on around the world.

Misadventures with misogynoir:

How Netflix turned a necessary exploration of the hyper-sexualisation of pre-teen girls into yet another avenue to silence, intimidate and bully black women.

Vandalism or art:

who draws the line?

Banksy's latest piece If You Don't Mask You Don't Get was removed by a TfL worker. Due it's estimated worth of £7.5m valuation he was been welcomed to re-do it. Phoebe Patrick asks why the rules of vandalism are different for him?

Q&A with Berny Ferr

Fresh off season 2 on BBC3's Glow Up and a collaboration with Converse x It's Nice That we grab some face time with Berny Ferr. The London based make-up artist mixing upscaling and illustration in to his make-up work to great effect  

Q&A with Carlton Matthews

Following the hugely successful release of his debut zine Social Suicide we sit down with Carlton Matthews.

God Save The Queen

Following  on from commercial jobs with an array of fashion's biggest brands and publications Martyn Ewoma makes his film debut with God Save The Queen in collaboration with Sludge Magazine

Q&A with Jex Wang

Chat over dinner with one of London's busiest creatives Jex Wang. The Eastern Margins syndicate who's talents extend to photography, writing, DJ'ing and political meme savant

Q&A with Jake Zeeman

With YouTube videos amassing millions of views Jake Zeeman is the filmmaker set to keep you entertained throughout lockdow.

Q&A with Luke Forte

Meet the model turned photographer expressing himself on the other side of the lens.

Q&A with Jonathan Williams

Meet the Birmingham based photographer shooting some of the 🇬🇧 and 🇺🇸 biggest stars.  Whether you know it or not, you'll probably have seen this photographer's work  doing the rounds covering the U.K.'s biggest festivals and gigs. 

Q&A with Jinsun Park

In this exclusive interview Jinsun Park tells us about her inspirations, London's Korean community and her new book "Two Times Or Maybe More".

Q&A with Amel Mukhtar

Check out our shoot and interview with Amel Mukhtar who was appointed features assistant at British Vogue earlier this year. Since then she has penned unapologetically politically conscious articles on a range of issues from the media's response to the Christchurch massacre to the women at the forefront of the Sudanese revolution. 

Enthusiastic Consent is Coming! (Spoilers)

As the final series of Game of Thrones commences the surviving characters have treated audiences to a plethora of drama ranging from beheadings, incest, dragons and White Walkers. So what made a consensual sex scene in the last episode so shocking? 

Adelaide and Red: The dichotomy between Diaspora and African Blackness (Spoilers)

Ever since Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ slashed its way into cinemas around the world, multiple theories and interpretations have abounded about the film’s themes and its characters. People have been theorising, in particular, about the twist regarding Adelaide and Red

What ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ can teach us about manoeuvring for power in the Patriarchy

The latest episodes of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ have a lot to teach us about the ways in which we relate to love, family, friends and even organised religion through our gender. But perhaps the most poignant lesson that the second part of the show’s first season can offer us comes in the form of several cautionary tales about dealing with a patriarchal power structure when you are not an intended beneficiary of patriarchy. 

The Manifesto Built On Memes

As memes replace manifestos, and when ideas mean more than their subsequent implementation, Adam Smith explores the entertainment industry's role in modern politics

Responsibility in LBGT filmmaking: lesbians through the male gaze

Little by little we are seeing a greater variety of stories and romances being depicted on the silver screen. Portrayal of lesbian relationships still lag behind often reverting to homophobic tropes and overt sexualisation. Shannon Watson asks, where are the cinematic love stories for the ages that feature women who love women?



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