Q&A with 1NE Derby

1NE Derby are taking all of the hassle out of the resell market. Championing community, collaboration and sustainability - this boutique store is the one stop shop for streetwear fanatics across the U.K.

Q&A with Jess Dalton

London-based footwear designer Jess Dalton has an impressive creative portfolio. Having worked with the likes of Palace Skateboards, Kickers, and Dr Martens, she has valuable and exciting creative experience which we wanted to tap into and share with our readers in this Q&A. 

Q& A with Second Outing

Second Outing is a new peer-to-peer rental platform that connects users looking to rent and lend pre-loved designer menswear through an online community. With no subscription fee, unlimited rentals and an endless expanding pool of clothes to choose from Second Outing appears to be the antidote to fast fashion wastage. We sat down with one of the founders to see how it all works.

Q&A with Offside Outlet

After working on the shirt of the summer Ayesha Brown releases the inaugural LEGENDS capsule under her Offside Outlet brand. Read our interview with the self proclaimed creative space invader

Q&A with Rockwell Princely

Fresh from a 9-minute sell-out of his latest subsolar trainer design, we got hold of Rockwell Princely, head designer at notwoways. Dubbed a designer to keep tabs on in 2021 and having received accolades from the likes of GQ and HYPEBEAST, there’s no two ways about it that Rocky has an exciting creative career ahead, and we wanted to tap into his inspirations for his latest design and his journey as a designer so far. 

Q&A with railontour

Missed flexing your fits during lockdown? That certainly didn't stop South-West London's Esther who's quite literally taken her rail on tour to showcase her style during Covid

Q&A with Omar Khaleel

British-Yemeni photographer Omar Khaleel 's work  is the sort of magic that can only really arise from a multi-cultural worldview. With a client list boasting everyone from Adidas and Puma to The Guardian, HYPEBEAST and the Financial Times he is one of fashion photography's shining lights. Read out new Q&A where he gives budding photographers his top industry tips  

Q&A with Rasha Khoyi

From Iran to America, to England to Alexander McQueen, Rasha Khoyi's life so far reads like a movie. Perhaps even more cinematic and enthralling are the designer's hand-painted custom clothes.  We sit down with the emerging designer to find out about her all things, her own brand, RKApparel

Sirens FC x Out of Office link up with Martyn Ewoma 

 to make custom Arsenal shirt featuring the names and faces of iconic black figures in education to raise money for The Black Curriculum

We know you had to do it to 'em

A few weeks back we challenged our Instagram follows to show us their best isolation fits in the iconic meme pose. You certainly didn't disappoint

Q&A with ede store

We interview Eve Williams, founder of the ede store. The skincare and wellness project taking self care beyond the skin deep.

POP for Sludge Magazine

Our new editorial exclusive lensed by Martyn Ewoma features Louie Bowman in an array of outfits showing the punchy impact of  mono-colour outfits

Why cultural appropriation on the catwalk still matters

Comme Des Garçons are just the latest brand to come under criticism following their decision to have models wearing fake cornrows on the catwalk. Martyn Ewoma delves in to why fashion needs to do better

Q&A with Minor Formula

The Birmingham brand are encouraging you not to get bogged down by the pitfalls of modern life. They're a brand second and a family first, championing the spirit of collaboration.

The Age of the Luxury Collab

As the Christmas period beckons, a myriad of luxury collaborations are set to hit the shelves. We interview fashion polymath Vincenzo Borrelli to unpack why we are seeing such an influx of collaborations between established fashion houses and streetwear brands.

I’ve failed as a woman and I’ve never felt more beautiful

Frequent Sludge Magazine contributor Lauren Dorling's subject matter covers any number of complex issues. Her new article for us explains how she dealt with the one topic request from an editor that stumped her: beauty.

Had To Wear The Dress 'Cause I Had a Stick

After the hugely successful release of Young Thug's So Much Fun one lyric has captured the imagination of listeners. Martyn Ewoma explores the history of androgyny in rap music.

Read up on the rise of social media maven Jess Lawrence

From modelling in worldwide campaigns, to brand collaborations and navigating the office environment as a social editor, Jess Lawrence is clearly a rising star. We managed to spend some time with the woman herself to find out how she's managed to put herself on this impressive career trajectory.

Style and sustain with SET 

Since 2013 U.K. based contemporary outdoors brand has been going from strength to strength, attracting co-signs from the likes of Skepta, Frisco and Casey Neistat. We sit down with the brand's founder Jack to talk sustainability, style and SET's plans to make sure they're part of your wardrobe for decades to come alongside a new editorial featuring rising model and musician Mo to showcase some of the summer line.

Q&A with Bare Vintage

Over the past few years what started out solely as a Depop page has transformed in to a platform for budding models, and an Instagram page that provides some of the most beautiful editorial photography showcasing contemporary streetwear brands. We caught up with founders Lauren and Gus to talk inspiration, running a small business and what the future holds for them.

Q&A with Vincenzo Borrelli 

His outfit photos, taste in music and hilarious knack for zooming in on his own face on his story has his followers clamouring to be as much like him as they can. Whether it be via buying the pleated Issey Miyake Homme Plisse pleated trousers he's undoubtedly popularised or literally shaving their own heads to join "the egg cult", his influence is unquestionable. We sat down with him to get to know the man behind the cult.

'Smear' for Sludge Mag

Model Tionne Harrison takes centre stage in our first ever exclusive fashion editorial. Lensed by Martyn Ewoma this dreamy pastel editorial is comprised of looks styled by Skye Lai with beauty looks dreamed up by make-up artist Berny Ferr.





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