On arrest warrants and statehood

With the news that the ICC has released an arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas' senior leadership coinciding with more Western states pledging to recognise Palestine - we question what this means practically and if Western arbitration should mean anything. 

It’s 2024, why are feuding men still resorting to accusing each other of being gay?

Whatever the dispute, adult men in the public eye continuously opt to weaponise sexuality to point score over their adversaries. It's embarrassing. 

London vs. the Culture War

With monumental challenges facing the capital city, why are the mayoral candidates mainly basing their campaigns on nonsense?

Sydney Stabbings: violence against women is too frequent to be considered a motive. 

The intersection of whiteness and maleness is the most frequent site of terrorism, why does society refuse to acknowledge it?

Shared Struggle and the need for solidarity
The Palestinian struggle is the struggle of every colonised person and a threat to justice
The occupation is a danger to Britain’s Jewish community
British Jews are often compelled to stand with Israel in times of crisis – but how well is this unflinching, unequivocal support serving us?
I said what I said
Today marks the largest unionised strike of nurses in British history, we did the un-thinkable for a mainstream media outlet...and asked a nurse their opinion
Q&A with Nergiz De Baere
We chat to Chicks for Climate and hemp underwear label 'Magi' founder Nergiz De Baere about her new book 365 Ways To Save The Planet
Scouse not English
Why I refused to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and why the Tories will never be welcome in the ‘Scouse Republic”.
Apologise! Apologise!
Patrick Carden interpolates puppetry and Cilla Black’s Surprise! Surprise! to explore apologising in the social media age.
Q&A with Kwajo Housing
We chat to Kwajo Tweneboa. The 23 year old South Londoner taking his crusade to repair the broken social housing system nationwide.
Q&A with Nadia Whittome
To mark International Women’s Day this year, we headed to Nottingham to chat to the UK’s youngest MP, Nottingham East’s Nadia Whittome.
Q&A with Siobhan Fennell
This IWD, we're proud to profile the activist at the helm of Accessible Belper.
The story of the U.S. and U.K. in Afghanistan
After 20 years in Afghanistan, $2 trillion spent and countless lives destroyed what have the U.S. and the U.K. gained? A shit tonne of money actually.


Tag Agency UK have compiled a comprehensive report on how the cost of living crisis is impacting young people. Here are some key findings…

How right-wing conspiracy theories led Elon Musk to destroy Twitter

A recent report has uncovered that a simple text recommendation to a right-wing website led the world's richest man to re-instate the accounts of known Neo-Nazis and tank one of the world's biggest social media platforms.

Athletes Against Apartheid

Para-cycling team Gaza Sunbirds dream of competing at the Paralympics has been put on hold. They're calling on the sporting world to lend their voices to the plight of Palestinians.

Suffering from SAD will be even more challenging this winter

As winter approaches, we can no longer separate SAD symptoms from our sociopolitical climate.

Excusing Ezra?

What Ezra Miller’s case says about the problematics of using mental health to frame abuse as “wild behaviour.”

How the cost of living crisis is taxing aspiration

Youth worker Nathan Tuft investigates the impact the cost of living crisis is having on young people's aspirations.

Travel agencies are monetising their exploitation of indigenous communities

Despite the discourse around maltreatment of indigenous peoples expanding in recent years, the influx of ‘tourism experiences’ this coming 2023 is alarming. 

Eco-anxiety, and the privilege of potential climate threats

We shouldn’t be anxious, we should be angry.

The conservative government is breeding addiction

Tory MPs are quick to tarnish addicts and drug users, with no consideration for why their own policies might push people towards the escapism drugs can afford.

How women's bodies have been ploughed under capitalism

Political activist Silvia Federici's Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation is as relevant for exploring patterns of misogyny today, as the 15th century climate it references. 

The Extradition of Julian Assange is an attack on press freedoms

Whilst being held in Belmarsh prison, British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the US on espionage charges

The rise in living costs will impact vulnerable communities the hardest

Whilst many households will surely be impacted by the rise in living costs, already vulnerable minoritised communities will bear the brunt of such increases.

Staying Silent

Staying Silent is the arresting short film by Luke Maund based on the true story of Jeremy Indika’s real life story of childhood sexual abuse.

High & Mighty: Is the Weed Industry Neocolonial?

Vice's Strain Hunters features a Dutch based weed company travelling the global south in search of lucrative exotic material. Sound familiar?

Discriminatory, Unlawful and Unjust: The Nationality Bill and a Decadent Britain 

We spoke to a Black British source, (false name provided) who’s experienced this prejudice first hand

Britain’s Obsession with Drinking Culture

Emily Malia explores the link between the disappearance of public spaces and Britain's dependency on alcohol. With specific attention to university culture.

Girls Night In: The Boycott Symbolic of Our Exhaustion

Young women are preparing to boycott nightclubs in protest of their lack of protection for women amidst a worry trend of spiking by injection. Orla McHale reports on plans for Girls Night In.

Who’s to blame for the Climate Crisis?

The U.K. is dumping tonnes of plastic abroad, floods are ravaging Belgium, England and Germany. Siberia and the actual Ocean are on fire. But are we to blame? 

How colonial lies shaped African sexuality

To close out pride month our latest article uncovers the scale of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people in sub-Saharan Africa. Showcasing the need for pride as a worldwide protest to remain 

The Threat of Fascism is Here

Hani Thapa explores the parallels between the current Conservative government and widely understood conceptions of fascism.

Why is Britain in denial of institutional racism?

When issues such as institutional racism are brought to light, even with supporting cases, many Britons choose to deny and resist its existence. Connie Yates explores why

It may not be all men, but it is all women 

Annabel Martin reflects on the tragic loss of Sarah Everard and what she represents to women the world over with a critical look at the "not all men" brigade.

Emotional abuse criminalised in Scotland under the 2018 Domestic Abuse Act, despite no specific training

Aided by celebrity testimony, the public has been made aware of the toll of emotional abuse. Scotland has taken action criminalising emotional abuse, but implementation is lacking.

The government’s commitment to surpressing the past

Robert Jenrick and Boris Johnson want status of slavers to be protected to "protect British history". But British history has been sanitised by governments for decades

My life is currently worth about the price of a reusable bag

An anonymous supermarket worker shares her thoughts on the government and public's behaviour during the pandemic. With reference to government policy, the public's following (or lack thereof following) of guidelines and employment protections. 

Navigating Covid with neurological differences

Freddie Jones' explores and draws from experience, the difficulties of navigating the pandemic with neurological differences

The political pandemic that plagues our democracy

How the Monarchy handled the COVID-19 pandemic

"Arthritis? That’s just for old people right?" Wrong.

 Our new article by Leah Deeney explores what an Osteoarthritis diagnosis means for a woman in their early 20's 

Students - Customers when it's convenient

The toll of Coronavirus on university students and how they are selectively treated as customers of the private sector. With insight from an anonymous nursing student who speaks on how being deployed to a Covid ward has altered her educational experience. 

Influencers - A global pandemic through rose tinted filters

Hannah Kitty Brownbill explores how luxury getaways and designer goods has made the lockdown harder. With insight from students and NHS workers.   

Why right-wing populist leaders are botching Covid

Worldwide the countries struggling most to contain Covid are ones led by right-wing, populist, male leaders. We explore why.

Men Ruin Everything: Gym Edition

Josephine Ewoma of the fitness page Just Josephine speaks to her own experiences and those of countless other female gym-goers having their workouts jeopardised by predatory men. After posting on her Instagram asking for other's accounts of harassment she was inundated with troubling stories. She speaks to her's and countless other women's testimonials here  

Anything But Change

The replacement of Edward Colston's statue with Jen Reid is a nice moment. But is symptomatic of a culture of symbolism in lieu of action.

KKK 🤝U.S. police 🤝Colonialism🤝U.K. police

Halima Nashir unpacks the origins of anti-black racism and explains the way a necessity for cheap labour under capitalism set the beginnings of Britain and Europe's love affair with anti-black racism.

Q&A with Chinwag Call

Chinwag Call is a creative project centred around opening up a dialogue amongst recovering addicts. We at the Sludge Magazine office sat down with it's founder Jacob Newton to discuss the project

Billionaire brunches and black liberation

As Kanye West reportedly joins Jay-Z as rapper turned billionaire it’s important to remind ourselves that more black billionaires doesn’t equal liberation for black people. 

Praised on the catwalk, punished in the classroom

Black pupils are being excluded from school for wearing hairstyles appropriated by non-black fashion houses

Why it’s okay to lack motivation whilst under lockdown

We're really proud of all of you who are spending this time working on yourselves, but if you're just getting by or even a bit fed up that's okay too. Our new article by Emmie Cosgrove tells you why 

LOCKDOWN: Couples Edition

Are you tearing your hair out isolating with your significant other? If so our new article by Lauren Dorling is here to help with four top tips for surviving Lockdown: Couple's Edition

The root of modern medicine's failings towards black mothers

Recently a disturbing statistic began recirculating via Twitter: That black mothers in the U.K. are five times more likely to die during childbirth. Martyn Ewoma's new article explores the deeply entrenched synergy between racism and modern medicine that contributes to this. As well as accounts from his own birth

Four Ways To Find The Will To Live When You've Lost It

The dust from Mental Health Awareness month has settled, but unfortunately adversity exists all the year round. Lauren Dorling offers us her four top tips for conquering introspective quandaries.

The Politics of Apathy

Far-right rhetoric and legislation is slowly becoming more publicly palatable, whilst challenges are being shaped as an infringement on the expression of ideas. Ellen’s reasoning that her friendship with George W. Bush is nothing more than “being friends with someone that doesn’t share the same beliefs that she does” is evidence of how the gravity of political ideology is being undermined.

The De-politicisation of Mental Health Discourse

Mental Health Awareness Week is an example of how far society has come in terms of de-stigmatising mental health issues. It is now time for government to be as proactive as the people they represent.

My milkshake makes for a forlorn Farage

In a landscape of British politics mired by political violence. The throwing of milkshakes at fascists, has proved a step too far for the liberal left wing and far right alike

Caster Semenya: When Fairness Is False

Writer Tariyé Peterside delves in to the ever political world of sports to explore the IAAF's decision to deny Caster Semenya the right to compete in the sport she has long dominated

Performative “cancel culture” is only reproducing societal inequalities

In the wake of Finding Neverland and Surviving R Kelly, conversations around whether entertainers’ personal misdemeanours should impact people’s relationships with their work have been renewed. Unfortunately, condemnation is often hypocritical and disingenuous. 

Does the Pope's stance of the death penalty matter?

Pope Francis' renewed stance on the Catholic Church has taken a huge 180 and the clergy are less than impressed

Pejoration for Power

How the right wings co-opting of left wing terminology has rendered political discourse illegible.  

Freedom of speech ≠ freedom from consequence

Whilst drill rappers are literally being imprisoned for their lyrics, and professional athletes careers are being destroyed for speaking out against discrimination, sections of the far-right believe the biggest affront to freedom of speech in the modern world is being held accountable for spreading racial hatred. Martyn Ewoma explores why this is and the deadly consequences.

What do bank holidays mean to working Brits in 2018?

The evolution of automated technology is changing the landscape of work in the U.K. but is legislation keeping up? We spoke to range of workers who've ditched the 9-5 life for other work pursuits to see if they're better off or just as subservient to the rat race. 

Climate activists: Pull it out before the earth puts out.

As youth protests for politicians to take firmer action on climate change, Lauren Dorling explains some climate activists' theory that the reproduction of youth is the biggest problem in itself. 

Why Trump and team owners are missing the point

Now the poster boy for Nike's foray in to social justice, in  2016 Colin Kaepernick created a media storm by kneeling during the national anthem. So much so that President Trump saw fit to weigh in. Nicholas Borghesi explores the president and NFL's disdain for peaceful protest.



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