London Fashion Week AW22 street snaps 

Jacob Valdez catches the best street style from London Fashion Week

Coming out the other end of a global pandemic,  a cost of living crisis and political turmoil domestically and abroad - you'd be forgiven for wondering if anyone was remotely in the mood for fashion week. It's undoubtedly the case that the seriousness that underpins most of our lives, calls for more reflection on what's truly important in life. For some people that may not be fashion. Storm Eunice certainly did her very best to blow the entire circus of fashion week into orbit. Nevertheless undeterred gorgeously adorned men, women, children showed out displaying an array of looks. Popping colours and experimental tailoring were key themes, wonderfully captured by the appropriately exuberant shooting style of Jacob Valdez exclusively for Sludge Mag. 

What would be a fashion week be without the models? Jacob also blessed us with a "serving face" category, showcasing portraits of some of the industry's most prominent models.

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