An allegory of daily routine, posing the question are we living for the moment, or just living in routine. 

Accompanying this photo editorial following the day in the life of a young man, photographer Ca Captures also asked model Zain some questions about his attitude towards routine and creativity. 

Some people feel more at ease and productive when they follow rigorous routines, whilst others flourish in a more spontaneous and unstructured setting. Where do you think you fit on this spectrum, and how does that affect your everyday life and decision-making?

I feel that I prefer a more spontaneous and unstructured setting as it gives me the ability to see something new everyday and focus and priories the tasks I have set for myself. As some days some tasks need more priority than the other. 

How do you balance keeping a regular routine with accepting new experiences or possibilities that may emerge unexpectedly?

The best way I manage a regular routine with accepting new experiences is by being transparent with myself and a client I’m working with about my current time schedule and how we can fit things in that complements both of us or I will take the leap and commit to the new role as it may carry more priority over the other tasks I have at hand. 

Consider any big life decisions you've made recently or in the past. How much did your routine and habits at the time influence your ability to make such decisions?

My routine plays a major role in my life, that could be the reason why I have not worked an office 9-5 because of the rigid schedule and not much room for flexibility for me in taking other opportunities that lead me to travel or be freely available during those hours. 

Creative direction and styling by Nathan Lee

Photography by ca__captures

Model: Zain

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