Staying Silent

Staying Silent is the arresting short film by Luke Maund based on the true story of Jeremy Indika’s real life story of childhood sexual abuse.

"It can take child abuse victims 20 years to speak out. This short film helps us understand why"

Staying Silent is the arresting new five-minute short film by Luke Maund, based on Jeremy Indika's real-life story of childhood sexual abuse. Through ominous yet seeming innocuous interactions between a childhood Jeremy and his abuser, the film reveals how complex the relationship between a victim and their abuser often is. Jeremy has been working relentlessly over the past 4-years since leaving his career in engineering to communicate this subject in the most engaging ways possible. Disappointingly, during this time he has been confronted with the same re-occurring questions from his audience. Why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you speak out? These questions suggest that the public doesn't grasp this type of trauma, or perhaps they haven’t been given the opportunity to empathise on a deeper level. Staying Silent seeks to start opening that dialogue by putting the audience in the shoes of the victim. Jeremy has also responded by founding Something to Say which he describes as a community built to break the silence around child abuse, committed to changing the narrative and re-writing the story.

Film by Luke Maund

Jeremy's website, YouTubeInstagram

Something to Say's Instagram


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