The Politics of Apathy 

Far-right rhetoric and legislation is slowly becoming more publicly palatable, whilst challenges are being shaped as an infringement on the expression of ideas. Ellen’s reasoning that her friendship with George W. Bush is nothing more than “being friends with someone that doesn’t share the same beliefs that she does” is evidence of how the gravity of political ideology is being undermined.

The De-politicisation of Mental Health Discourse

Mental Health Awareness Week is an example of how far society has come in terms of de-stigmatising mental health issues. It is now time for government to be as proactive as the people they represent.

My milkshake makes for a forlorn Farage

In a landscape of British politics mired by political violence. The throwing of milkshakes at fascists, has proved a step too far for the liberal left wing and far right alike

Caster Semenya: When Fairness Is False

Writer Tariyé Peterside delves in to the ever political world of sports to explore the IAAF's decision to deny Caster Semenya the right to compete in the sport she has long dominated

Performative “cancel culture” is only reproducing societal inequalities

In the wake of Finding Neverland and Surviving R Kelly, conversations around whether entertainers’ personal misdemeanours should impact people’s relationships with their work have been renewed. Unfortunately, condemnation is often hypocritical and disingenuous. 

Pejoration for Power

How the right wings co-opting of left wing terminology has rendered political discourse illegible.  

Freedom of speech and freedom from consequence are not the same thing 

Whilst drill rappers are literally being imprisoned for their lyrics, and professional athletes careers are being destroyed for speaking out against discrimination, sections of the far-right believe the biggest affront to freedom of speech in the modern world is being held accountable for spreading racial hatred. Martyn Ewoma explores why this is and the deadly consequences.

What do bank holidays mean to working Brits in 2018?

The evolution of automated technology is changing the landscape of work in the U.K. but is legislation keeping up? We spoke to range of workers who've ditched the 9-5 life for other work pursuits to see if they're better off or just as subservient to the rat race. 

Climate activists: Pull it out before the earth puts out.

As youth protests for politicians to take firmer action on climate change, Lauren Dorling explains some climate activists' theory that the reproduction of youth is the biggest problem in itself. 

Why Trump and team owners are missing the point

Now the poster boy for Nike's foray in to social justice, in  2016 Colin Kaepernick created a media storm by kneeling during the national anthem. So much so that President Trump saw fit to weigh in. Nicholas Borghesi explores the president and NFL's disdain for peaceful protest.





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