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Get to know the South Korean hit-making producer alongside the release of PARADISE feat. AOMG rapper punchnello and British artist ROMderful

Video: YouTube/H1GHR MUSIC

If you’re entranced by the prospect of quality over quantity, then WOOGIE is the one to look out for. A Multi-instrument savant who continuously pushes sonic boundaries, WOOGIE has cemented himself as the soul producer of Korea’s most acclaimed tracks. As a member of H1ghr Music, a group that have shaped the narrative of hip-hop in South Korea over the past few years, the R&B producer has a future of success and awards in his sights. Coming off of his triumphant run with the groups’ label compilation project, where WOOGIE served as a leading producer on albums ​[H1GHR : RED TAPE] and [H1GHR : BLUE TAPE],​ the South Korean hitmaker continues to churn out dynamic production representative of his unique point of view.

From trip-hop and trap infused track collaboration with Jay Park and 2chainz SOJU, to Loco and Hwa Sa’s groundbreaking single Don’t, to the beautifully rhythmic Better featuring Golden. WOOGIE’s ear for sonically pleasing sounds means no bounds, describing his versatile style as “tailored to fit”. And make no mistake, this hawk eye for his goals hasn’t stopped during quarantine, with the release of his new track, “PARADISE”, fur new hit someone’s punchnello’s melodic verses and ROMderful’s soulful vocals with WOOGIE’s luscious beats which creates a romantic and tranquil getaway. Inspired by the City of Angels, a place he considers as his utopia, WOOGIE produced the track in hopes that the listeners can imagine their own paradise, too.

So we spoke to the rising hitmaker about his love for Los Angeles, why he’s grateful to all his collaborators and creating music for the rest of his life.

You're responsible for producing many of the most popular tracks to come out of South Korea. When did you decide to pursue producing full-time? 

To be honest, I didn't know I would become a producer. I was just making music. While singing, I would change the chords of the songs I was practicing. I found this really enjoyable and started studying music more. I’ve been learning how to play a variety of different instruments since I was young and this definitely helped me. I think learning classical and percussion instruments played a vital role.

Your new single PARADISE was inspired by The City of Angels aka Los Angeles- How do you come up with concepts for your music? Are they often inspired by places that you have been to?

I don’t feel pressured to make music. This is because making music is my hobby and I enjoy doing it. It’s like sharing my account of things. As a result, all the fun and feelings that I’ve experienced at a certain time become my inspirations. I want to leave a record of these experiences in a beautiful form, especially from a visual aspect. These are mainly emotions and senses from a certain film or place.

You’ve collaborated with an array of artists including major rap artists 2Chainz and Jay Park. Which collaboration would you say your most proud of and why?

I’m proud and grateful of all the artists I’ve worked with. Sometimes when I look back, I can’t believe how I've made all my songs with such artists. Jay Park was my childhood idol. Now he’s my record label boss and a close friend. I still can’t believe 2Chainz worked on a song with Jay. My fans outside of Korea might not be aware, but all the artists that participated on my album are all extraordinary people. I feel proud of everybody.

What has kept you going creatively during quarantine and isolation?

I know these are truly hard times but can we stay down like this? On the bright side, I have had more time to study and research thanks to the isolation. I also have more time to focus on my music. I really wish that the current situation gets better so that we can all return to our lives before. But I know that time passes by quickly and I don’t want to waste the time given to me.

What are your long term goals as an artist, especially once this is all finally over?

My goal is to create music that can make people a little happier and relate to. I want to make music forever. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I promise to put in my all to live the life I want. If I stay true to my music, maybe I could leave behind some music that will be loved for a long, long time like that of Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson.

Article written by Ashley Morris

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