Q&A with Charmaine

Following the release of BOLD we interview the Toronto native seamless blending sensual RNB with snarling raunchy raps

Video: YouTube/Charmaine

Toronto's rightful place as a cultural epicentre of music has finally been recognised over the past decade. With the underground producing a litany of artists primed and eventually propelled to superstardom. From long active grime emcees like Tre Mission to recently emerged rappers like Pressa and Smiley, Toronto has done a great job of putting a distinctly left field flavour on current music trends, whilst inspiring plenty of it's own. Charmaine is an artist that is definitely situated in her own lane as evidenced by her super strong new offering BOLD. The song is all about female empower and ownership of sexuality, a renewed (but certainly not new) topic in the rap game. Her staggered flow leaves room for her demands to breathe, to make it clear they're non-negotiable. She was kind enough to take a brief break from throwing racks to give us this interview about the new track.

 With the release of Bold, you flaunt a raw confident sexuality, has expressing this side of yourself always been something that comes easy to you?

It used to be difficult because I never used to consider myself sexy. Over time I began to love myself and ask myself, “Why can’t you be sexy?! Who tf said that?!? And even if they did, SO TF WHAT?!” Since then I’ve been in bad bitch mode HAHA! 

The visuals in BOLD evoke a real sense of Black sisterhood. Was this intentional?

Oh 1000%. I wanted to make it known that I am a black woman and I love my black women. It should always be us against the world. We have to protect, support and uplift each other. Always.

 Women in rap being unapologetically sexually confident is something that often draws criticism. We've written about it before and the topic has been renewed with the release of WAP. Where do you think this criticism comes from and is it something you care about?

I think the criticism comes from either men who are uncomfortable with women showing that side because of their OWN insecurities as well as women who aren’t quite at that level of confidence within themselves to understand how empowering it actually is. What I do with my body is absolutely no one’s business but mine. I’m not asking for permission. You’re either going to embrace it or keep it pushing. Either way, I’mma always do me.

The Toronto music scene has really come into the worldwide lens in the past decade but is perhaps yet to have a female rapper propelled to the world stage. Is that spot something you've got your eyes on?

I got my eyes on it, for sure. There’s nothing I’d love more than to be that for Toronto. We exist too. Why just men? Women know how and CAN run shit too!!! 

 What should our readers be on the lookout for from you in the coming months?

More dope ass music, more dope ass videos and just more dope ass vibes from a dope ass b*tch! Haha. My debut EP will be dropping in March 2021 and when I say it’s going to shake tables? Oh yeah! 


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