KidSoSteez drops new single Born To Create

Midlands boy KidSoSteez debuted his first single Born To Create this week, establishing himself on the UK alternative music scene. 

Video: YouTube/LOUDHOUSE

The new track and accompanying video, directed by Rufus Wilson and produced by Jimi Scott, showcase Steez’s quirky style both in lyrics and fashion. The song follows KidSoSteez’s journey into making music, despite a difficult path into the industry he was Born To Create and this ambition has resulted in this fresh, catchy tune. KidSoSteez’s dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder initiated an admiration for hip-hop which led to his pursual of music, and whilst the skateboarding dream is yet to come true, the skating influence on his look is unmistakeable. The new video switches from a foil insulated space to a park and to a deep pond, all whilst KidSoSteez rocks a signature beanie and some stylish chest waders, emphasising his street and skate-infused eccentric fashion, which is emblematic of his rapping style. With new singles set to drop in 2021, we look forward to hearing more of KidSoSteez’s fresh sounds and seeing more fresh fits. For now, you can watch the video here

Article by Phoebe Patrick

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