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We chat with 16 year old Flowerovlove on the release of her debut EP 'Think Flower'. All in the days work whilst balancing GCSEs and modelling for Gucci

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Sixteen is an age that can be awkward to navigate. Social media pressures, online learning, continuous ridicule and constantly having to pay the price for the mistakes of the generations ahead that are meant to have known better than yourself. But young people have been advocating to spark change among their peers and leaders alike on issues including racial injustice, climate change and LGBTQ rights. Flowerlove knows the direction in which she’s going. Model, stylist, artist, and now climate activist (a jack of all trades) is ready for the new and optimistic year ahead. Aware of the responsibilities that come alongside these titles, she is ready to dive in head first with the release of her debut EP ‘Think Flower’. A sweetly nostalgic yet playful insight into the modern teenager while also encompassing the importance of enjoying youth.

Flowerovlove, aka Joyce, breaks down her stage name to mean “to women give life which is the greatest pain and I want that purity, strength and nurturing to amplify Flowerovlove. Sustainable (leaving earth how we found it) Love= self love which is the key message within every song. Love for family and the people! Being in love with the feeling of love.” We chat to the rising newcomer to discuss heritage, modelling for Gucci and dreams of collaborating with Willow Smith.

We know you're from London but have roots in Côté d’Ivoire. Has your heritage had any impact on your approach to making music?

Yes, in a way. I’d say that in ‘Dancing In The Rain' & ‘Remembering Our Times Outside', the heavy, punchy, tom Tom drum kit aligns with my heritage. It is reminiscent of west African parties I’d go to when I was younger, where they’d have drum solos, and the audience could engage, which would always give me a feeling of togetherness and happiness.

You're a multi-talented individual, pursuing singing, styling and even modelling for big brands such as Gucci. Do you have a favourite out of them all?

My favourite thing, I do 200%, has to be making music! It’s so much more expressive, and you can show so much of yourself through the way you sing and the way the music sounds. There’s so much you can always do within making music - like that’s your sound, and it’s you. I also just love the way music feels. I feel every guitar, every drum, every key on every strand of hair on my body, and I love the feeling of home I get when listening to music. 

Which form of creativity did you get into first, and do you think your interest in fashion strengthens your image as an artist?

I got into making music first and then developed into modelling. I’d say my fashion strengthens me as an artist because no one looks like me, and my style is unpredictable. I’ll wear anything and rock it.

Your debut EP 'Think Flowers' is due to release next week. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. What do you want people to understand about you from this project?

I love this question. I want people to become more sustainable and to love themselves like nothing else is better. That’s what I want people to take In from the EP. I want people to understand that I’m all about positivity, and I want them to enjoy the music and feel amazing. 

If you could feature anybody on a project, who would it be?

It would definitely be with Willow Smith. I’m obsessed with her emo-rock sound, and we’d make such a magical song.

Who/what are the biggest inspirations in your art? Where do you draw inspiration from, life experience or fiction?

My inspiration comes from life adventures. Every day is an adventure to me. I get inspiration from trees. I see and the air I breathe and conversations I have with people.

You care a lot about sustainability and environmental issues. Any specific instance that prompted this activism?

Honestly, I’ve always cared about human rights, and everyone has the right to live a good life. I’ve just now become more confident in my voice and how to go about caring. Seeing how our planet, our home, is treated by some people is what led me to push sustainability onto people. We need to care about future generations; they deserve a clean & healthy planet to live on.

What are your hopes and dreams for the rest of the year?

To perform some shows and have a bigger music audience!

Article written by Ashley Morris

Photography by Iwana Cristal

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