Armstrong WW - Control

The 18 year old Texan artist by way of Cameroon has provided a late contender for Sludge Mag's song of the year with Control

Video: Armstrong WW

18 year old Armstrong Orock, or Armstrong WW (worldwide) is a Cameroonian born artist residing in Houston, Texas. Honest songwriting is something Armstrong tells us is key to his craft and that's immediately evident when you listen to the lyrics of Control (thought you'd be forgiven for just bopping to the funky melodies upon first listen). His vocal range sees him effortless switch between airy calls to "move your feet" to an immediate "dance with me" sung with with a depth and power Barry White himself would've been proud of. It's rare to hear call and response utilised in one song by the same voice, but Armstrong does it with consummate ease. In what is almost a vocal exhibition of singing ability, it's even more impressive that what perhaps makes the song so special are the lyrics. Calling listeners and his peers to commit to his music for the joy and soul rather than the clout of what's popular, is the mission statement of an artist who clearly believes in his craft and himself. The confidence with which you see him jig around the streets in the video are testament to the carefree confidence all creatives would be well served taking up.  Like any business, music is something of a rat race, this song is a great reminder to remember to stop and have some fun with it. That's the point after all?

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